Tokoved Project

Tokoved is a local commerce start-up for connecting thousands of people around you to looking for local items. Join us to grow the local market and  to provide more choices to get benefit from local items.


This application provides some features to support local commerce in Indonesia

Tokoved, local commerce

Multiple Categories for Items

Tokoved implements a multi category system. There can be many sub-categories under a given category.

Location Based Filtering

When it comes to local shopping we can see that each shop (seller) has a limited delivery range. Which means that they can deliver only up to a certain distance. Therefore we need to ensure that the shop owners should not receive the order for delivery at an address located outside their delivery range.

Visibility of the shops and items get filtered by the location and distance of the customer from the shop (seller). The customer will see only those items and shops which can be delivered on its current location. This ensures that shops don’t receive the orders with delivery address falling outside their delivery range.

Give rating for local products

The customers can rate and review the local items. This is very essential for the buyers so that they can share their experiences and it helps them select the better product for their needs. The customers can also rate and review the shops (sellers). It helps the end-user to know which shop is providing the better service and has a good behavior and keeps a good relationship with the customer. The shops which provide better quality services get rewarded with better rating and reviews.

Tokoved for local shopping

Tokoved helps people buy items like fruits, vegetables and grocery from shops located near to them and even get the home delivery of the items they have purchased. Shopping fruits, vegetables and grocery is just an example. You can buy or sell almost anything that is available locally.

Keep local business growing

Tokoved help local business keep alive and thrive by connecting nearby buyer and seller. Everyone can looking for various local products such as fruits, vegetables and grocery and they can buy or sell almost anything that is available locally.

Mobile First

Tokoved  develops an app with mobile first paradigm to bring an intresting and easy user experience. Instead of users’ viewing desktop versions of Web sites on their mobile device with some adjustments. Tokoved bring a simple and efficient commerce app for users specifically for their mobile device.